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Is a self-taught Canadian visual artist passionate about feeding imagination through experimentation while remaining fluid with mediums, techniques, styles, and subject matter.

Being strongly opposed to the judgement humanity places on each other and the artists' love of painting has prompted XOX Unknown to create anonymously, removing the confounding variables of gender, class, age, physical limitations, and appearance. Allowing the art to be appreciated for what it is,

Discover a variety of XOX Unknown's work including ...

... A collection of portraits and stories called "Who Made You The Judge", a social justice art exhibit highlighting those who face judgement in this world.

... XOX Unknown's love letter to an industry where rules are continuously being broken - "The Rockstar Portrait Collection", creating portraits of musicians from a place of great admiration.

... "The Abstract Art Collection" allows XOX Unknown to continuously discover new and experimental ways to approach art. 


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